Why did I choose to podcast?  

For me the answer is simple.  I think it's the best medium for accessing and uploading in-depth conversations. 

I am a curious person by nature and always have been, I believe that the riches of life are about the relationships you have with people, the things you learn and how far you take your self out of a comfort zone. 

On a technical point of view, you will definitely be able to find a superior show with excellent faultless production, sound and visuals, however you will not find that here.  Some are filmed and recorded with a cinematographer and an engineer, some are recorded with a collection of IPhones, some are recorded in world class recording studios with amazing equipment and others are just recorded in my kitchen, those are the ones where my beautiful girlfriend comes in at the end. 

Trap Kitchen

Trap Kitchen

All guests have to answer the same questions at the beginning and the same questions at the end.

The introductory questions will give you a bit of personal background and emotional expression from the guest.  You will hopefully have listened to the intro but this baseline will give you a chance to join the conversation and connect with the guests.  

I still want to discover the beginning of their journey, any trials or tribulations, what they have learned, how it made them feel or what’s going on behind the curtain. 

The episodes can be long but when a guest is talking with such honesty, conviction and passion you can’t ask them to condense it into a neat 45-minute slot, so stick with it.

The closing or quick-fire questions are always the same this gives the guests an opportunity to express themselves and share some personal knowledge bombs.

Everything that is referenced or quoted in the show ends up in the show notes.

I work to make sure you enjoy the whole episode, so just enjoy it from beginning to end. I will probably be adding the times for the questions so if you want to get to a particular question or section you can skip ahead, and as you do this, you will hear the noise of 1,000 souls shriek as you break off a piece of my creative heart. 

You can say you heard my show before it was cool, before it was mainstream, before I sold out, before I got my Bafta, my Emmy, my Tony and my Oscar.  But seriously, give it a listen, give it a like, give it a share and start subscribing, because that's the only thing that makes it possible.

Stephen Rowan Show - Episode 26 - John Valbonesi

Stephen Rowan Show - Episode 26 - John Valbonesi

If you are listening to the early episodes of this show you will find the original sponsors at the beginning of the podcasts.  I am always looking for new sponsors so if you would like to be a part of the show, drop me a line. 

You can help. 

Yes, you!  If you can spot what’s wrong with the show on a technical point or can recommend a piece of software, get in touch.  If you would like to suggest a guest for the show get in touch, if you think I have missed a question or forgot to add a show note get in touch. If you have won an Oscar, Tony, Bafta or an Emmy get in touch.  If you know where Jimmy Hoffa, Lord Lucan or Shergar are, get in touch.