#2 Donnie MacLean

S1 E02 Donnie MacLean

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Donnie Maclean series one-episode two

In the second episode of The Stephen Rowan show we are joined by Donnie Maclean who I have taken to calling the Million-meter man and why wouldn’t you? Donnie is swimming a million meters for milo as you read this you may have the same reaction as me. Mine was WTF what a massive undertaking, what a challenge, what a guy. Then he told me that the last 21.6 miles of the swim would be taking place in Loch Lomond I know WTFX2 If you are from Scotland you will know what a massive challenge this in relation to distance and environment. If you are from outside the UK let me tell you it’s cold, cold, cold, that’s right COLD.

Donnie shares his thoughts on goal setting, education, business and achievement, this is one of the shorter episode’s but it is filled with some great information and food for thought. The show begins with me talking about charity and how you can help make a difference in life no matter how big or small it might be.

As always everything we talk about in the show is included in the show notes

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The all-important show notes

West highland way - http://www.west-highland-way.co.uk/

Milngavie and Bearsden swimming club - http://www.mandbswim.com/mandb/defaul...

Scotia swimming club - http://www.scotiaasc.co.uk/

Boys brigade - http://boys-brigade.org.uk

Strathclyde University - http://www.strath.ac.uk/business/

Eat balanced - http://www.eatbalanced.com

Loch Lomond - http://www.visit-lochlomond.com/

Visitors to space - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of...


621 miles

20,000 lengths of an Olympic pool

Multiple sclerosis challenge - 


Tough guy race - http://www.toughguy.co.uk