#3 Paula McGuire

S1 E03 Paula McGuire

Hello Good morning, good afternoon, good evening and welcome to the third episode of the The Award winning Stephen Rowan show! If this is your first time joining us where have you been or as John McClane would say “Welcome to the party pal” Was that character a weegie? Who can tell.

As always the mantra is like. Share. subscribe! You can go back and check out Episode one with Neil MacLean he is one Scotland’s youngest brightest hard working entrepreneurs. He is responsible for the Sport fitness and nutrition exhibition or you can check out episode two where I speak to Donnie Maclean the million-meter man who as I write this is swimming the length of loch Lomond And it’s not just the past and the present that is remarkably exciting, on next week’s show we have one of the most talented actors in the UK show Mr Bryan Larkin, we also have Allan Hunter director of the GFF.

Today  we are joined by Paula McGuire or as she is commonly known Paula must try harder, as with all the guests she is intelligent, articulate inquisitive and of course courageous, she too leads a life less ordinary. This is a hard show to summarize, and honestly I am struggling with words to describe Paula’s character strength, grit and determination. Paula’s life has been a times, ideal and perfect and at other times like a crushing, dark storm that only gets worse. Paula like many adventurers went through these difficult times alone and scared. The story could have had a different ending but she's an and incredibly strong and inspiring lady, she took some scary and strong steps to move her life in a positive direction.

You should listen to all of my podcasts of course you should but if you are finding life too much or you know someone who is, pass this onto them. It's not about likes, shares or subscriptions. This is about realizing how strong the human spirit it is. In terms of great adversity. We can triumph, we can win and we can attain the life we want. So check it out Ladies and please welcome to the show Paula “must try harder” McGuire!


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Twitter: www.twitter.com/pmusttryharder

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