#4 Bryan Larkin

S1 E04 Bryan Larkin

In the fourth episode of the award-winning Stephen Rowan Show we are joined by the BAFTA award winning, actor, director, producer and physical behemoth Mr Bryan Larkin.  Full disclosure here, I have known Bryan since 2001.

Talk about a life less ordinary, passion for the arts, self-belief, staying the course, resilience in the face of adversity. Look or listen no further Bryan embodies all of these qualities.  Bryan has been a success for many, years and now the rest of the world is realising, appreciating and rewarding his talent. In the show we discuss the challenges of auditioning, working with Hollywood superstars directing, producing and acting, bulking for action roles and of course the now famous worldwide quick-fire questions.

Bryan is brutally honest in his answers and is very entertaining, so give it a listen. As always like, share and subscribe.  Enjoy the show. All the episodes are educational, informative, entertaining and fun. Is there anyone you would like me to interview on the show?  Get in touch and I will see what I can do. If you are interested in sponsoring the show get in touch.  If you liked listening to this episode and would like to hear more you can listen to Bryan being interviewed on another podcast Triumph and disaster podcast which is presented by Cameron McHarg Triumph and disaster podcast.