#6 Tommy Young/Paddy O'Brien

S1 E06 Everyday Athlete

Show Description

Everyday Athlete - Another episode of the award winning and world renowned Stephen Rowan Show

This week I visited the Everyday Athlete gym in Sunny Glasgow

Wherever you are in the world whatever you are doing I hope you are doing it well, that you are taking action and that you are having fun

1,000 apologies for my absence I have been catching up with friends and family for the last couple of weeks and recording some new podcasts in California and Nevada as with all trips to the states it was invigorating, restful manic and educational. Sadly, though I did not manage to see everyone.

We join the founders of Everyday athlete to discuss everything related to business, injuries, goals and their philosophy on business.

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So without out any further grandstanding on my behalf please enjoy the guys from Everyday Athlete.