#7 Trap Kitchen Compton

S1 E07 Trap Kitchen Compton

Show Description

In this episode we discuss the importance of food culture how it effects us and our family and how important it is to learn from those around us. The importance of putting childish things away and becoming a man They have a strong background in hustling, marketing social media and the science of sales. They came together and decided to make a decision to move their life in a different way.

Like anything new it can be discouraging and sometimes a bit jarring but with help from friends and family, they have moved forward with a strong direction. They have big dreams and big plans and have moved all of their focus into business. Sadly if you grow up in certain neighbourhoods, you go become the attention of the local authorities. But this new venture is taking them away from being stereotyped and profiled.

The reality is that life in the streets can bring trouble death, prison or hospital. But the discipline and single minded focus have moved them in a more positive and constructive direction. Not only have they changed their own life but they are proving to be great role models. Spanky is adamant that it's never to late to change your life.

Although they are incredibly proud of what they have they achieved they are also keen to make a strong change in the community, speaking at juvenile detention centres, with at risk teens. We discuss how hard it is to balance a business and the family. Its not just cooking its tv appearance, press events and development. They are three years in so it will be amazing to see what they achieve in the next three years.

Like any business they will have growing pains but with such an amount of passion for food its plain to see that they will continue grow. They discuss the mindset for pushing through and working past the adversity and challenges of running a business.

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