#16 Gus Worland Man Up

S1 E16 Gus Worland Man Up 

Show Description

Gus Worland Man Up

TodayHe’s everything that you would expect an Aussie male to be. Loves his beers, sports, fam good carry on. On the outside, he has a gregarious and rambunctious, it goes hand in hand with his role as the head of the most successful Australian drive-time radio show.

From the outside it all looks perfect, great job, family, prospects and an outlook on life which is thankful. But sadly Gus’s life was turned upside down when his friend Angus took his own life.

The number one way for an Aussie male to die between the age 15-44 is to commit suicide
2000 males per annum take their own life

Gus made a 3-part programme to save the lives of Australian men, to find out what is the cause of this growing crisis. And to end the silence about male suicide

I have watched this 3-part programme and I implore you to do the same. Because it’s not just Australia its global its growing and it has to stop.

Please listen to this show. From beginning to end. Not for me but for your future and those that surround you. 
Gus is on a mission to find out
There is no easy way to talk about today’s subject matter, but it’s something that we all have to do, because at the moment our ignorance and lack of understanding is causing men to take their own life.

Suicide, suicide

Even saying the word sounds like you are doing something bad. But the more we talk the more live we save

This episode is not all doom and gloom, we have some laughs along the way and we talk about the issues that surrounds male suicide.

But for now enjoy the show