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S1 E17 Jim Ritterhoff 

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Jim Ritterhoff co-founder ForceBlue

Hello and welcome to episode number 19 of the world renowned and award winning Stephen Rowan show, if this is your first time joining us where have you been. Seriously we have some amazing guests record breakers, special forces veterans, international actors, entrepreneurs, endurance athletes, award winning film directors, authors, critics and one of the bravest girls I have ever met.

On today’s show we are joined by Jim Ritterhoff he is the co-founder of Team Force Blue.

FORCE BLUE is a new non-profit initiative that seeks to unite the community of Special Operations veterans with the world of coral reef conservation for the betterment of both.

FORCE BLUE gives former combat divers and SOF veterans the chance to experience and explore one of the most critically endangered ecosystems on the planet and to adapt their training and teamwork to aid in its protection.

Please give this a listen its educational, informative and will make you see the planet and marine environment in a completely different way.

During the course of the interview Jim references Rudy, he is referring to Force Blue co-founder and United States Marine Corps veteran Rudy ReyesS, you can hear more from Rudy and Force Blue in Episode 13 of The Stephen Rowan Show

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But enough from me let’s get on with the show

Thank you for listening, as always feel free to get in touch about any of the issues we discussed today. I think the Force Blue is a great initiative and one that should be supported by both the government and its population. It seems strange and cruel that the armed forces regardless of the country spend so much time training and empowering these men and women during their service but don’t give them the support they need when they leave.

Please don’t get me wrong this is not an anti-war or anti-government view it’s a pro-troops and pro-human being view. So please give them your help. It may be in money, time or just spreading the message about Force Blue

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Until next time, have a great weekend, give someone a hug and think about those that are less fortunate than you.