#21 Craig McGinlay

S1 E21 Craig McGinlay 

Show Description

Craig MCGinlay is a talented Scottish actor who had his feature film debut in Guy Ritchie's King Arthur Legend of the Sword. Join us for a chat as we discuss his sporting career, dealing with injuries, his impressions on working with director Guy Ritchie and his co-stars.

00:00 Intro
50:00 Welcome to the show
02:50 seconds early years discovering sports and injuries, playing international rugby and sports science, working with commonwealth and professional athletes
09:25 Deciding to leave Professional Rugby behind, and looking at alternative careers, studying sports science, the foundations of human performance- nutrition, sleep and hydration and consistency. The importance of discipline and consistency
22:30 Turning points, being ready for opportunities, seizing the day, being involved in award winning feature
24:15 starting as an extra and experiencing life on set, going to castings. Getting a game face on and being ready to be ready.
26:00 Getting to grips with castings meeting Guy Ritchie and learning to develop under pressure, the importance of doing your best and the skill of improvising, don’t be afraid to go for it
30:20 On set in Glen Affric surrounded by greatness meeting and working with John Mathieson, Marc Wolff, David Beckham. Realising the turning point in careers and moving to London, being grateful for appreciation and opportunities
34:00 Being cast in Nightfall by Debbie McWilliams (casting director for James Bond) and meeting with different casting directors, expanding networks
35:26 Getting physically ready for the role of Percival in King Arthur, getting big and consuming 6,000 calories a day, working with industry giants, the energy, experience and enthusiasm
42:00 The importance of seizing the opportunity. Looking, learning and being aware of everything that surrounds you on set. 
46:08 Potential, development and discipline. 
48:16 Learning from mistakes, how to move forward, positive mind-sets
49:42 being prepared, professionalism, how to conduct yourself
52:07 Becoming physically present and preparing for the character, enjoying the experience
54:15 The magic of set design
55:40 Implementing a fun set, the hands on skills of director Guy Ritchie. Creating a unique atmosphere on set that supports encourages the cast and crew. Being ready for change and working as a collective
1:01:00 Being grateful for those around you and looking towards the future. Tellurian and LA
1:07:30 Recognition. Friends and family support. 
1:12:41 Going for your dreams, pushing the boundaries and seeking new experiences
1:17:13 Daily exercise, sleeping, nutrition and hydration. Thoughts on meditation
1:19:57 How to deal with adversity, setting goals, being honest and believing in yourself.