# 22 Jonathan Ward CEO ICON

S1 E22 Jonathan Ward 

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Jonathan Ward Icon 4x4
Welcome back, you lovely people. It’s been a crazy four weeks for me so sorry the knowledge bombs haven’t been dropping as thick and fast as normal.

Whatever you’ve been getting up to I hope life is good. This week’s guest is the amazing and super talented Jonathan Ward. Jonathan is the founder director and lead designer at Icon four by four. It’s hard to tie Jonathan's strengths down to any one thing as he has become great in so many capacities.

If you want to learn about starting a business from a hobby, how to run a business and motivate a highly skilled workforce, and produce an amazing product.

I have a huge amount of admiration for the vehicles that come out of Icon but also how he makes it all happen.

So tune in and get ready for a conversation with one of the best in the automotive industry.

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00:20 intro
00:53 Tell us about your background in the car industries
01:50 what was the first car you created that wasn’t a factory reproduction?
04:50 What was the reaction from your family and peers when you decided to do this?
07:38 Does Icon have a mission statement or company belief structure?
11:19 Do you have a business role model or mentor?
12:58 What is your biggest challenge as a business owner?
16:48 Do you have an everyday mantra?
17:00 what is your biggest achievement?
17:27 Where does your emblem come from?
18:55 What car do you currently drive?