#24 John Valbonesi My Peak Challenge

S1 E24 John Valbonesi Part two 

John Valbonesi entrepreneur, director personal trainer and head coach at My peak challenge.Good morning good afternoon good evening! Welcome to another edition of the award winning and world renowned Stephen Rowan Show

This is the second part of an interview that John and I completed in June, so in addition to the previous audio, we have also been sent in some questions from the Peakers.

So we are going to start with the questions from the speakers then give you the second half, confusing I know but it makes sense, enjoy, expand your mind and don’t forget to tweet like share and subscribe.

How do you manage to motivate a client when they are struggling to continue?
You spoke about showing up physically and being tested at the Gym Jones seminar, what did you learn about yourself that you didn’t know before?
How important are goals in the gym and should people commit them to paper?
What are your body plans for Sam in the new season?
How does Sam manage to fit in his workouts around a busy shooting schedule?
How do you manage to have a huge success with an online training platform?
What are you physical goals at the moment?
What gym thing can’t you live without?
Let's discuss the air bike, why does it hurt so much?