#25 Tony Pang Part Two

S1 E25 Tony Pang Part Two 

Tony Pang bodybuilding champion and PT

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Welcome to another edition of the award winning and world famous Stephen Rowan show where we bring you insights into the lives of those who are living a life less ordinary.

In today's show, we are re joined by competition bodybuilder and PT Tony Pang. This is part two of two so if you haven’t already listened to the first episode check it out. 
It’s episode number 25 available on iTunes you tube and Soundcloud.

In this episode, we discuss client expectations, the limitations of stage condition, the obstacles, and drawbacks of being show ready, the yo yo effects and ramifications of show dieting, the impact of superhero fitness and why it’s only attainable for a certain few. I'm pretty sure you don’t want to hear me waffling on anymore.

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Welcome back to the show Mr Tony Pang.

What are clients expectations and goals of want they want to achieve? Do you think the look is changing?
How limited is stage condition and how long can you hold it for? What are the obstacles and the drawbacks to being in that condition?
How to stretch that goal or increase the return on the process.
How to manage yourself after the show.
Why athletes binge so strongly after the show and how to manage these two extremes.
The importance of diet to sustain all year round fitness and condition
What mental state do you place yourself in on the day of competition and what really goes on?
what can you do to change the length and strength of the muscle belly
Can you change the type of slow twitch or fast twitch muscle fiber?
Aesthetics versus bulk how do you get the magic proportion of appearance v body weight? 
How to structure sustainable goals that comfortably and consistently get you to the very best condition.
When clothes don’t fit and high street proportions don’t work
The downside of having a bodybuilders physique.
Do we have an overload of information in physical and dietary information?
Why mass diets don’t work for everyone.
Why so many people are getting protein wrong and why too much is not always better.
The impact of superhero fitness in everyday society and why it's not realistic.
Are guys under more pressure to have a certain appearance. 
What percentage of your clients are competition athletes?
Why some added spice or pressure can help you in becoming more disciplined.
what do you wish you knew at 18 that you know now?
where do you see your career in the next 12-18 months?
what advice would you give someone that is struggling in life?