#36 Robert Thomson

Sorry about my audio. Welcome to another edition of the Stephen Rowan Show. In this week's show, we are joined by Robert Thomson. This is an incredibly honest discussion about his struggles with infertility and how it has affected him in both the short and long term. I applaud Robert for being so open and honest about his struggles, it takes courage to be so candid and to share so much of himself. 00:24 intro talking about infertility 01:19 incurable male infertility 01:41 When did you find out you were infertile 03:24 Did you think that it might be you 04:12 What was the catalyst for going to see the doctor 5:00 What is the test? Was it a long process to go through 07:11 what was involved in the testicular biopsy 08:13 What support was offered when you received your diagnosis and how was it delivered 11:37 what was your wife’s reaction to the diagnosis 13:18 what options did they share with you 14:38 How did this news affect you 17:06 Where you aware of your destructive tendencies 18:25 What caused you to change your behavior 19:55 Did you seek help for your mental health 24:40 How is day to day life now 28:21 Have you tried meditation 29:57 How did you share the news with your family 32:30 What kind of relationships do you have with your family 36:24 What was your friend's reaction 38:03 How has this affected you socially 39:35 Do you think the options for support are financially prohibitive 44:10 What are your plans for the future 45:00 What kind of support should be offered to men 48:22 What advice would you give to someone that is dealing with the scenario that you have been through 51:30 Anything you would like to share with the audience Remember to subscribe like re-tweet share and comment. For all shows visit www.stephenrowanshow.com