#43 Mark Dallas Insane Championship Wrestling

Mark Dalllas Insane Championship wrestling

Todays guest is the amazingly unique and entertaining Mark Dallas. I have been trying to guest on the show for the last 12 months so it's great to sit down have a chat with him about everything from mental health to Glasgow street fights.

Three reasons you should listen. It's funny, entertaing and motivational. Without people like Mark expressing themselves life would be a dull and boring place. During the chat we discuss daling with hardships and setbacks, the importance of self reliance and improvising and knowing when to say enough is enough.

As always like, share, subscribe, share, retweet, follow and all that other stuff that seems to validate a podcast show. If only it came down to journalistic integrity, research and providing worthwhile content.

Whatever you are thinking about doing with your life no matter how strange (it can't be stranger than the ICW) THEN GO FOR IT!

Have a cracking day and thank you for watching

Stephen Rowan