#44 Ben Coomber Nutritionist Educator Speaker Writer

Ben Coomber Nutritionist educator speaker writer www.bencoomber.com www.stephenrowanshow.com Welcome to another edition of the award winning and world renowned Stephen Rowan Show, if this is your first time here thank you for taking the time to listen to the podcast, please enjoy the content and feel free to contact me. This weeks guest is the Mr Ben Coomber a man spends most of his time teaching others how to look and feel better, He writes blogs and videos. Go check out his number one Health and fitness podcast Ben Coomber radio. But for now sit back and enjoy the show. 0:00 Intro 1:10 Travelling North on the rubbish Caledonian sleeper 1:38 Talking SFN and growth 2:54 Getting to the truth of the fitness industry and turning on your bullshit detector 4:45 talking about laziness, magic bullets and using the right information for the best outcomes 5:35 The scary facts about ruining your physiolgy 7:00 Giving yourself the best you and the best life 7:50 Understanding toughness and making changes 8:39 Realistic perceptions in the fitness industry 9:45 Creating an understanding of moderation and responsible choices 10:35 Ben discusses his story his journey and the mindset that helped him made the change 13:35 finding inspiration and listening to your gut 15:30 Controlling variables and understanding the value of time 17:07 Global radio and plans for the future 18:45 Thoughts on relaxation and routine 20:00 What advice would you give someone who is struggling in life