#53 Iain Cunningham Director Irene's ghost


This is the penultimate interview from The Glasgow Film Festival. I sat down with writer and  director Iain Cunningham ahead of the screening of Irene’s Ghost.  We discuss his truly unique film and his personal background. The film is incredibly brave and honest. It takes a huge amount of strength to make any film but this film is a different level of ambition and creativity. Please support this film.

 Iain Cunningham’s mum died when he was only three years old. He never had the opportunity to form a lasting memory of her, and as he’s grown he’s realised that many around him are weary of divulging exactly who she was and how she died. This film is Iain’s personal journey into his mother’s life, through the family he never really knew until now. A beautiful and sensitive film, which explores not only grief and loss, but also the incredible bond that binds families together. A powerful documentary that you will find hard to forget.