#54 Niall McCann and musician Adrian Crowley

Welcome to another edition of the Stephen Rowan show. On this episode, we are joined by director Niall McCann and musician Adrian Crowley and discuss their film: The Science of ghosts.

This interview took place during The Glasgow Film Festival. The Science of Ghosts is a beautifully shot film that crosses many genres. A mixture of documentary, arthouse and sci-fi. Many of the frames are like still dreams and others are bursting with movement. Throughout the film, you are intrigued to watch the film unfold in both it's cinematic and narrative style. During the interview, we speak about the process of making the film, how they created this instinctive piece of work and the journey that they took together.

Art should surprise you, spark something within you but most importantly make you think. This film constantly fires your imagination and soothes you at the same time. It's well worth experiencing and exploring. As always like share subscribe retweet favourite review like download and rename your firstborn.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at The Glasgow Film Festival, it's been a real blast, the offerings at the festival this year have been amazing profiling both international and local talent, huge thanks to everyone involved at the festival. You can hear all the shows at iTunes, Spotify, stitcher or watch them on youtube Whatever you're up to today I hope you have a great one. I hope its a day of taking action, progressing and expressing yourself creatively Have a great one and thanks for listening

As always like share subscribe retweet favourite and rename your firstborn