#49 Zach Lipovsky Film Director Freaks

Zach Lipovsky is a director, who started working in the industry as a child actor. In those early years, he starred in many Canadian films and television shows, and then began creating his own home movies. He combined his acting and filmmaking experience, with his natural skills in vfx and post production to create visually stunning films. "Crazy Late", his winning short for the 2005 Crazy 8's, pushed him forward in the worldwide search for up and coming filmmakers for "On the Lot" produced by Steven Spielberg and Mark Burnett. Zach was the only Canadian to make it to the top 18, beating out 12,000 filmmakers.. While finishing 5th on the show, Zach's talents gained the attention of Hollywood. He acquired LA Representation and began directing commercials. In late 2012, Zach went on to direct his first feature length movie "Tasmanian Devils", a Syfy monster movie. He then went on to partnering with a group of his childhood filmmaking friends, and helped produce "Afflicted", the Canadian genre found footage film released in 2014 by Sony and CBS. He then directed the reboot of the Leprechaun Franchise for Lionsgate and WWE Studios, "Leprechaun: Origins" and recently directed a feature adaptation of "Dead Rising" for Legendary pictures. In his spare time Zach also runs Reel Apps, the software company behind Shot Lister, the leading digital shot listing app on the App store.