# 14 Leven Brown Record breaking ocean rower

S1 E14 Leven Brown

Show Description

This weeks guest is a man of substance, an adventurer a real true life record breaker.
I was told about Leven Brown from a friend who recounted a tale about a man rowing a boat from Cadiz to Tobago. To be honest my first thought was that my friend had become confused Cadiz to Tobago! Solo? Surely not! My second thought was that my geography was pretty poor but on further research, it was true.
What a massive undertaking, what a triumph, what a guy. As you all know the Stephen Rowan show is about finding people that are carving out their own path, moving along a road less travelled or beating some type of adversity, it seemed only right that Leven should be a guest on the show.
It seems madness that these types of achievements are not celebrated and recognised by more people. I mean come on 123 days by yourself rowing about. Phenomenal!
So join me for a chat with Leven as we discuss his adventures on the ocean, his reasons for doing it and what we can all learn from the ocean.
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