The Stephen Rowan show

So what's the show all about then?

It's a series of long form interviews with guests from around the world. They all have a story to share, a lesson to teach. I want to share the best of the human spirit, We talk to those that we can look up to, learn from and emulate.  The world can be a scary and solitary place at times. The guests will help you get out of the darkness and guide you to the light. 

They guests are all risk takers, they are brave. 

They are all looking for something different. They are finding and searching for contentment, inner peace and happiness.

So remember your life is your own! Not for comparison or envy. Not for short changing, compromise or settling. Your time on the planet is so much shorter than you might think and like it or not, death, tragedy and loss are all guaranteed.  

Win lose or draw it's down to you.

So put in the hard work, apply yourself, strive for the existence that you want. Fiscal reward or adulation can be a distraction,  so do it for yourself. Remember the only person you need to impress is yourself. The worthwhile and memorable experinces come from your passion, the belief in yourself and the dedication to push yourself through the temporary pain. These moments will define the quality of your life. 

So choose your life! Choose one that is brave, interesting exhilarating and worth fighting hard for.

Tony Pang with Stephen Rowan

Tony Pang with Stephen Rowan

When we're young we all have dreams...

...aspirations and thoughts about the adventures we’ll be having. Somewhere along the line we make decisions that change these magnificent journeys. Sometimes it’s a compromise of effort, sometimes its pragmatic choice or we might have lost the belief in our own potential. These guests are still holding on to the courage, the bravery. Through researching and interviewing these guests I have rediscovered parts of that young adventurer, that optimist and that dreamer.

I hope you do too!

So tune in, like, subscribe and share.  Enjoy the show.