#35 MMA athlete Reece McEwan

MMA fighter and all round great guy drops knowledge bombs on life in and out of the ring!

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00:56 Reece McEwan welcome to the show
01:38 How do you train after the fight
02:02 The journey into martial arts and dealing with fear
04:12 The attraction of the UFC and The Griphouse
05:20 First impressions and thoughts on the griphouse
06:05 The importance of hard work and the hunger to be the best
07:45 Discovering a love for martial arts and family support
11:00 Having the right support and a great corner
12:05 How does coaching other students effect your own performance
13:10 What is your though process going into a fight
14:15 How do you change from one person into another for the period of a fight
15:38 How important is sportsmanship and do you keep in touch with opponents
17:50 Does Trash talk cheapen the sport and does it damage the sport
20:00 How do you select your mentors or coaches
21:15 Do you think your weight will change as you progress in the sport
22:10 Your strength and conditioning coach has a strong background in jits, what kind of advantage has this given you both physically and mentally
23:25 World class coaching in Glasgow
24:15 How does it feel to represent such a successful gym 
25:50 What are your long term career goals
28:10 Is turning pro too early a risk 
30:10 Do you think nutrition plays a big part in your performance 
32:20 Where do you get help with your diet and what is your relationship with food
36:10 Do your coaches all meet to create a masterplan
37:13 Talk us through fight coaching in between rounds
38:40 The importance of trust in a working relationship
41:13 Strength and weakness
43:00 How do you prepare for a fight
44:26 Who inspires you
45:20 What makes a fighter
46:10 Tell us about your dream fight
47:45 Does the fight make you think differently or react differently
49:50 Tell us about your work life balance
50:30 When is your next fight
52:00 What advice would you give to someone who is struggling in life