#52 Alex Ross Sharkwerks

An informal chat with Alex Ross from Sharkwerks, this was filmed in L.A. May 2014. I was visiting Magnus and Karen Walker in downtown L.A. as always the chat was informative inspiring and educational. I asked Magnus what his plans for the afternoon where, he told me that a couple of Porsche guys where coming over, to be honest I thought it was going to be a couple of enthusiasts so I was delighted when that orange and blue GT3 rolled into the garage. What a sound what a noise. I asked Alex if he would mind having a chat about business what follows is a small part, hope you enjoy.

Shark Werks, Inc. located in Northern California's Bay Area, its owned by long-time Porsche enthusiast Alex Ross (Sharky) and mechincal wizard James Hendry, successful entrepreneurs Joan Wood & Daniel Kennedy. They live, breathe, own and drive Porsches. Out of the box Porsche has always delivered what they believe to be the world's greatest daily driven sports car but for some people that just isn't enough. They want more. They crave insane levels of horsepower, tightly tuned handling and serious braking. They also like to look good doing it, which is why they offer performance, aesthetic packages and lightweight products from TechArt, Tubi, EVOMSit, RSS, Cargraphic, Brembo, Bilstein as well as wheels from Forgeline, HRE & Champion Motorsport. These are just some of our own personal favorite products but we also sell many other parts from different vendors and with our expert techs can install them on site.