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Cyclist, ocean rower, mountaineer, broadcaster and author Mr Mark Beaumont. He joins us ahead of his 18,000-mile world record circumnavigation. An amazing feat that he hopes to accomplish in 80 days.
I’m delighted to have Mark on the show, My first experience of Mark was back in 2008 watching the BBC documentary The Man who Cycled the World if you've not seen it yet, you should watch it. The programme captures the spirit of adventure as It's seen through Mark’s eyes. Its brutally honest and shows us not only how rewarding a challenge of this magnitude can be but also the mind-set required to complete it.
After watching it I’m sure you will have a thirst for adventure and perhaps wonder what you can achieve when you focus on a task.
Since then he has been incredibly busy on and off the saddle.
In 2010 he cycled from Anchorage, Alaska, USA to Ushuaia in Southern Argentina. In addition to cycling the 13,080 miles in 268 days, he also climbed the highest peaks in North and South America: McKinley and Aconcagua.
During the summer of 2011,he swapped a bike for a boat and joined a team of six in rowing through the Canadian Arctic. The aim was to reach a 1996 location of the North Magnetic Pole.
In early 2012, he joined a team in an attempt to break the world record for rowing across the Atlantic Ocean. After 27 days and over 2,000 miles into the expedition, they capsized and had to be rescued.
In May 2015, he set a new record in his "Africa Solo" challenge, cycling from Cairo to Cape Town in 42 days, beating the previous record by 17 days.
In November 2015, he set the record for completing the North Coast 500 (a 518.7 mile route around Scotland) by bicycle in 37 hours 56 minutes and 44 seconds
If you want to find out more about Mark, then check out the man who cycled the world bbc documentary the man who cycled the America s documentary. 
In addition to his BAFTA nominated documentarian work he’s also written the man who cycled the world his first and best-selling book and the man who cycled the Americas
As with many high achievers Mark is devoid of ego and is grateful for those around him. So stay tuned and find out how Mark lives his incredible life. During the show we discuss
If you want to know more about Mark and his adventures check out
mark Beaumont online.com