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S1 E05 Stephen McCole

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Welcome to another edition of the award winning Stephen Rowan show, if you are discovering this podcast where have you been living under a rock, in monastery or hanging with Lord Lucan, well whatever you’re in here so good for you, before we get started on today’s show. I would like to talk about LOVE that’s right L O V E , the amount people that contacted me in the last 7 days has been amazing, the amount of retweets, likes and personal message shas been humbling and that is not something you will often hear me say.

Today’s actor is a dj and actor a promoter a dancer and all round good guy, he is a reflection of the best parts of us. I kept him hostage with a microphone for almost three hours, we cover a wide range of topics and let me tell you my week has been much better for it. The musical choices are worth it alone,

You will recognise his face he has been in band of brothers, the crow road, orphans, river city, Rushmore, High times, the wee man. And it’s not just cinema and television he has also appeared in theatre productions such as Black Watch and will soon be in Corra Bisset’s production of jumpy. He also runs a very successful night called La Roche Rhumba at the Rumshack in Glasgow’s Southside.

As with every guest on the show he brings a mixture of comedy, information, personal opinions, anecdotes and of course hilarity, where would we be with hilarity? We talk about his interest in the arts which started at an early age and continues to this day.
Straightforward comedic and insightful, what more could you ask for Ladies and Gentleman please welcome to the show the one the only Mr Stephen McCole .
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Take that Rupert Murdoch!!! Take that and party!

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